Restore Paste


Buffered Electrolyte Paste for Horses



The composition of RESTORE PASTE mimics horse sweat so it effectively replaces what has been lost in sweat.

A carefully formulated electrolyte paste to match the composition of sweat. RESTORE PASTE is an easy-to-administer product that includes a buffering agent designed to support gastrointestinal comfort in horses.

When horses sweat they lose electrolytes, with the principal losses being chloride, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. If these essential nutrients are not replenished, the consequences may include dehydration, muscular weakness, overheating, fatigue and poor performance.

Why Choose Restore Paste?

  • Easy-to-administer oral paste.
  • Supplies sodium, chloride, potassium, and magnesium to hard-working horses.
  • Non-irritating, buffered formula for oral and gastrointestinal comfort.
  • For routine or strategic electrolyte replacement for all horses that sweat.
  • Stimulates thirst response and encourages horses to drink.

Additional information

Pack size:

60cc, 60CC Twin Pack

Feeding Directions

During competition – administer one tube for every 45 minutes of work divided evenly throughout the day.

Travelling Horses – preload with half to one tube of Restore Paste 2 hours before travel. Give one tube every 4-6 hours whilst in transit.
Electrolytes are best administered following a large drink of water or when water is freely available.

Note: These recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 500kg. Please adjust according to the weight of your horse.