A concentrated powder that provides essential nutrients for hard-working performance horses.



PERFORM is an essential daily supplement designed to meet the needs of the equine athlete for peak performance.

Perform is a premium concentrated formula of vitamins, organic minerals and antioxidants, including natural vitamin E.

Perform includes organic minerals that are readily bioavailable and natural vitamin E, which is research-proven to be up to three times more potent than synthetic forms.

Perform is an ultra-concentrated powder, intended to complement diets of high-quality roughage and grain. Its concentrated formula means less sifting and greater acceptance when mixed into feed.

Why Choose Perform?

  • Premium powdered vitamin and mineral supplement to balance home-mixed diets where levels of trace minerals and vitamins may be low
  • Ensures correct trace mineral and vitamin levels when premixed feeds are used below recommended feeding rates
  • Organic minerals have been shown by research to increase bone mineralisation, immune responses, coat quality, and hoof growth and quality
  • Perform contains a yeast metabolite postbiotic to enhance the horse‚Äôs gut microbiome and promote digestive health and immunity

Additional information

Pack size:

1.5 Kg, 10 Kg

Feeding Directions

30g daily
Note: These recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 500kg. Please adjust according to the weight of your horse.