Will My Dog Benefit from Supplements?

Dogs who have or are at risk for certain health problems can benefit from supplements. Veterinarians commonly recommend nutritional supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin as a part of treatment plans for osteoarthritis.

“Dogs with joint pain and arthritis, allergies or other skin problems, flaky or dry skin, chronic diarrhoea” can benefit, explains Dr. Sara Ochoa, a small animal and exotic veterinarian in Texas. Any dog who suffers from a chronic condition, such as joint pain, skin problems, or digestive problems could benefit from a supplement.

Supplements are great for many different problems. These are some of the most common symptoms that would make vets recommend supplementing your dog’s diet:

Joint Pain

For dogs with any joint or ligament injury, certain supplements can help. Glucosamine and Chondroitin will help with inflammation of the joints.

TRM’s Stride Plus is a complementary feed supplement for the nutritional maintenance of healthy cartilage and joints in dogs.

It combines the highest quality Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulphate, Hyaluronic Acid and MSM in a convenient and palatable liquid, which is easily dispensed on the dogs feed and can improve mobility and pain management.

Skin & Coat Problems

Omega 3s and EFA are great for skin problems or flaky skin. Omega 3s are a common fatty acid supplement that’s becoming very popular to use in dogs.

TRM Pet’s CANIGLO is rich in the Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 and 6. These cannot be made by the body and must be provided in the diet.

An adequate intake of Essential Fatty Acids will help maintain a healthy, soft shiny coat and good skin condition. Your dog will feel good inside, and look great outside. This supplement has been proven to help with allergies, skin disease, heart and kidney disease, lymphoma, and much more and is a great supplement to add to your pet’s diet.

Digestive Issues

Probiotics are good bacteria that are naturally found in your pets’ intestinal tract and can be ingested as a paste, powder, or in a capsule. These can be put on your dog’s food to help restore the natural bacteria in your dog’s gut.

TRM Pet’s Canigest Combi contains two EU approved Probiotic strains, combined with Prebiotics, Pectin, Kaolin and Glutamine Peptides. E. Faecium stabilises the internal gut flora of dogs and cats and L. acidophilus has potential to reduce the moisture of stools from dogs and cats receiving the additive.


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