The Benefits of the Forager Slow Feeder

Horses were designed to spend much of their day grazing on forage and that lifestyle has many health and behaviour benefits. The Forager Slow Feeder approximates Mother Nature’s methods within modern horse management routines.

4 Key Benefits of the

Haygain Forager Benefits:

  • Regulates the pace at which your horse eats
  • Reduce forage waste by keeping hay contained
  • Aids in prevention of gastric ulcers, obesity, and laminitis
  • Prevents Muscle tension in the back and neck







The Haygain Forager Slow Feeder Design Features 

  1. Digestive Health
  • The Forager comes with 2 interchangeable regulator grids to best suit your horse’s needs and preferences.
  • EasyOn regulator grid clicks in securely for easy filling.
  • Unique external steel ring keeps grid level as it lowers and prevents the horse from tipping it as they eat.
  • Strong top ring has four rubber fixings for structural stability.
  • For extra stability, the Forager base can be filled with sand and/or the cylinder can be secured to the wall.
  • Fully collapsible for easy cleaning and transport. Designed for durability and safety, the cylinder panels will break apart under extreme pressure.
  1.  Physical & Psychological Health
  • The Forager allows horses to eat with their head in a lowered position. This facilitates natural drainage of respiratory particles.
  • Eating with a natural, head-lowered position maintains a natural posture for the horse’s head, neck and jaw. Conversely, eating from a wall-hung hay net requires an unnatural neck-spine alignment. This can be exacerbated as the horse yanks hay from the net.
  • Longer mealtimes make for happier horses that are less prone to boredom behaviours including cribbing, pawing and stall walking.
  1. Clean Forage & Reduced Waste
  • The Forager contains hay in a durable, ventilated cylinder that keeps it clean and prevents the waste of hay being trampled into bedding and manure.
  • Ideal for keeping hygienic Haygain Steamed Hay clean and appetising!
  1. Weight Management
  • Extended mealtimes are especially beneficial for horses that require restricted diets. Intermittent feeding that is common in modern horse management can trigger fat storing responses that can lead to obesity.
  • The Forager’s external ring lowers as the horse consumes its meal. This makes it easy to monitor consumption, which is part of managing our horse’s weight.



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