A clay poultice that quickly takes heat out of inflammation, reducing swelling and overall leg soreness.

SwellDOWN’s special mixture of montmorillonite clay and unique ingredients has a cooling effect on injuries often caused by hard knocks or jarring. The clay, used as a poultice, draws out heat and reduces swelling commonly generated at damaged sites to aid a more rapid recovery.

Pack available : 2.25kg, 5.2kg, 10.4kg, 20.8kg



  • Features/benefits

Delivers a drawing action to help reduce swelling, heat and inflammation.
Fast and effective tightener around knees, ankles and tendons.
Wet clay, essential oils and minerals have a cooling effect on the skin.
The clay binds the actives together and retains moisture.
Can be used to help draw out stone bruises and general hoof soreness.
Softens and moisturises the skin.
Washes off easily with water.
Contains NO substances in concentrations which breach the rules of racing.

  • Directions for use


Cleanse the area thoroughly.
To assist as a preventative after racing, competition or heavy exercise, coat targeted area with SwellDOWN.
To relieve soreness and swelling, and for maximum results:

Wrapping is not essential, simply cover area with a liberal amount of SwellDOWN.
For maximum results wrap with moist paper (preferably brown paper or newspaper).
Apply Kelato’s EnduroWRAP cohesive bandage to hold in place.
Leave in place for 2 to 4 hours then wash off with water, ensuring all SwellDOWN is removed.
May be used daily.

To draw out stone bruises and for general hoof soreness, pack bottom of hoof with SwellDOWN and hold in place with moist paper (preferably brown paper) and hoof boots.
LIMIT APPLICATION TO ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS. Do not apply other liniments or heating/cooling products immediately after using SwellDOWN.

Ingredients Aluminium Silicate Calcium Carbonate Glycerine Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) Potassium Aluminium Sulphate (Alum) Oil of Peppermint Oil of Eucalyptus Montmorrillonite Clay