Strengthens, nourishes and protects the hoof.

A dressing formulated to penetrate the hoof wall and provide nourishment to the inner and outer structures of the hoof wall, ensuring that strength and flexibility are maintained.

Pack available : 900ml,5Ltr,20Ltr



  • Features/benefits

Strengthens, protects and nourishes the hoof wall.
Antibacterial and antifungal properties reduce the risk of infection.
Great for use on cracked, dry, brittle hooves.
Suitable for use in all weather conditions.
Can be used to provide protection after minor hoof damage and shoeing.

  • Directions for use

Cleanse horse’s hooves thoroughly, then apply HoofPRIME dressing with a brush. Cover the entire hoof, working well into the hairline and around the frog.
Apply every alternate day under normal conditions or as required. May be used daily during dry weather or if the hooves are hard and brittle.

Ingredients Iodine Phenol Venice turpentine Pine tar Fish oil Wheatgerm oil Neatsfoot oil Linseed oil Olive oil