Cephalexin tablets for oral administration in cats and dogs. A broad-spectrum bactericidal antibiotic, high efficacy in urinary tract infections and canine pyoderma.

Launch of the Rilexine Palatable table
Virbac launched the Rilexine Palatable tablet in 2006.

The tablet and packaging has been designed for ease of use to help the patient get maximum benefit from the product.

Rilexine Palatable is specifically designed to maximise bio-availability in cats and dogs (at the dose rate of 15mg per kg).

Other benefits of Rilexine Palatable include;

New palatable Chicken Liver Flavour – improves acceptance and is rarely implicated in dietary intolerance
Ergonomic Tablets – small and oval – aids swallowing
Seven tablets per blister pack – to aid dispensing
Available in 3 concentrations -75mg, 300mg, 600mg – aids correct dosage as these sizes are easily divisible by 15mg

Rilexine Palatable is available from your usual wholesaler and has the added advantage of having no increase in cost tablet for tablet when compared to the Rilexine non-palatable.

Presentation Tablet number Outer pack Vet price per outer (ex Vat)
Rilexine Palatable 75mg 140 1 X 20 foils* £58.72
Rilexine Palatable 300mg 140 1 X 20 foils* £93.97
Rilexine Palatable 600mg 140 1 X 20 foils* £126.51

* Each foil contains 7 tablets

SPECIES: cats, dogs

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