Potassium requirements of horses, for Peak Muscular Contraction, Recover from Tying-up, Support Peak Fitness Peak Muscle Contraction Potassium is essential for nerve-muscle contraction and is a hidden handicapper often responsible for an unexpected drop in race performance. Muscle fatigue, tying-up and a sudden urge to pull hard in training are symptoms of low Potassium. Potassium Drain is Constant Potassium is needed at higher levels for horses in work due to substantial sweating, muscle wear and stress. Muscle wear may be simply due to a change in exercise level, a wet track or hot conditions, or linked to tying-up and releases potassium to the blood. The kidneys are, however, geared to the excretion of potassium from the blood, which places a constant drain on body potassium. Stress in training has an hormonal effect of increased excretion of potassium from the kidneys, which adds to potassium losses.

SPECIES: equine


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