Odelis CPSE

In the dog, the blood concentration of CPSE (Canine Prostate-Specific arginine Esterase) increases in the presence of Benigin Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

80% of uncastrated male dogs over the age of 5 have been shown to have BPH*; Odelis CPSEprovides the practitioner with a simple and objective test to detect subclinical disease and assess the necessity for appropriate treatment.

Virbac supplies the test to three diagnostic laboratories in the UK, who you should contact for further information:

Biobest Laboratories – 0131 440 2628
Carmichael Torrence Diagnostic Services – 0113 287 0175
Dechra Laboratories – 01253 899215

*O’Shea J.D. Studies on the canine prostate gland: Factors influencing its size and weight. J. Comp. Pathol. 1962 72: 321-331



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