Natrozol (Forte) Powder

Gamma oryzanol, chromium and creatine supplement


Gamma Oryzonol 25 mg/g 50 mg/g

Also contains: Chromium Aminomin, Tri-Creatine Malate

* NATROZOL is based on rice bran oil.
* NATROZOL is a blend of Gamma Oryzonol, Chromium Aminomin and Tri-Creatine Malate.
* NATROZOL is ideal for daily addition to food throughout training and competition.

NATROZOL does NOT contain any anabolic steroids, which are highly regulated substances prohibited for competition. Natrozol contains only nutritional substances.
Chromium enhances the activity of Insulin, which is vital to many body functions, including dealing with sugars in the diet. Many diets are defi cient in chromium, and supplementation is useful for optimum muscle development.

Give NATROZOL daily in food. (For NATROZOL 1 level scoop = 30 g)
(For NATROZOL FORTE 1 level scoop = 15 g)
Performance Horses (including racing, polo, endurance).:
Intense Training – 3 scoops daily
Light Work – 1 scoop daily
Show Horses:
Intense Training – 2 scoops daily,
Light Work – 1 scoop daily

Commence when horses are started on training, and continue through the racing or competition campaign.

NATROZOL can only work properly when all essential nutrients are available at the correct time, in the correct amounts, to allow growth, and to allow for the vastly increased nutrient demands seen with training and racing.

VAM supplements twice weekly can provide the essential high turnover nutrients required by the athlete on a daily basis. NATROZOL POWDER or NATROZOL FORTE POWDER can be used safely with all other Nature Vet performance products.

Export Slaughter Interval (Horses): NOT TO BE USED in horses that may be slaughtered for human consumption.

NATROZOL 4 kg and 15 kg powder buckets
NATROZOL FORTE 1.2 kg powder concentrate bucket

Store below 25˚C (Air Conditioning).

For General Sale (not registered by the APVMA, but available for general sale under APVMA permit)

SPECIES: equine

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