The Mustad LB shoe has been designed for the more rounded hoof like the Thoroughbred and many European warm blood horses. Both the front and hind shoes have been shaped with a left and right pattern creating an inner branch that is slightly shorter than the outer branch. The crease/fuller becomes narrower towards the heel and the distance between the first nail hole and the last nail hole is shorter on the inside branch. For easy recognition the outer branch is marked in the crease/fuller. The smaller 4 x 0 is symmetrical. The LB shoe has a new flush clip that follows the outside of the shoe profile. This is the most popular design as the toe clips need very little, if any, seating into the hoof. The front shoes come with toe clips and hind shoes with toe clips as well as quarter clips. The Mustad LB shoe is available in different sections from size 4×0 to size 5.

SPECIES: equine

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