Mustad Eggbar The regular chemical composition of our 6061 alloy is to guarantee a minimum tensile strength of 270 kN per square mm and a hardness between 80 and 95 Rockwell “F”. The correct tensile strength helps to easily shape the aluminium Egg-bar. Tests have shown that our egg bars, made out of the Temper T6, perform very well under the mass of the horse and the wear of our egg bar shoes is therefore relatively low. Making clips : By local heating to 220 degrees Celsius you can make the best clips without cracks. However, the hardness around the clip base is reduced by 18%. By limiting the amount of material to obtain a proper clip and by heating a minimum volume the hardness of the shoe will not be greatly reduced. You will however avoid cracks, because making clips without heat often causes unwanted cracks.

SPECIES: equine

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