Of all the common lameness problems that effect horses and ponies, laminitis and founder are most feared by horse owners. A breakthrough in Australian technology means that you can now protect your horse against this crippling disease. Founderguard Protects against Feed Induced Laminitis FOUNDERGUARD is a patented feed supplement which protects horses from carbohydrate induced laminitis (founder). Researched and developed in Australia, Founderguard is considered by equine nutritionists as a major breakthrough in horse feeding, as it allows high energy diets to be fed safely. Beneficial for: – Horses fed high grain diets. – Horses grazing lush pastures. – Horses that have suffered from laminitis or founder in the past – Horses with seedy toe, white line separation and poor quality hooves due to low-grade laminitis.

SPECIES: equine

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