“Inadequate nutrition is a major cause of infertility in broodmares. This supplement will help provide the more essential nutrients required by the brood mare and the foal. This supplement helps to give your young stock the best start in life and considerably lessens the stress on lactating mares.

Care has been taken in maintaining the Calcium/Phosphorus ratio that is critical in the late pre-natal period to ensure strong, durable bone formation.

Excel Stud contains Bioplexes of copper, zinc and manganese which will have benefits, within the balance of the whole supplement, for all breeding stock.

• Supports fertility.
• Immunity, particularly at foaling.
• Vigour of the foal.
• Hoof quality.
• Sound fetal development.

The use of supplements containing mineral proteinates similar to Bioplexes in brood mare diets on large farms in the USA has improved the overall foaling rate by as much as 20% in certain cases.

SPECIES: equine


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