Excel ResPRO, combines a highly concentrated antioxidant complex and effective levels of Nucleotides with vitamins C and K to provide natural support to the lung tissue and overall lung integrity

• The primary antioxidant, extracted from Melon, has a positive effect on blood antioxidant capacity, vital for fitness and performance, offering protection against the effect of oxidative stress.

• Oxidative stress has been shown to be linked to many performance related problems and notably, reduced lung function.

• Nucleotides, conditionally essential nutrients that are often depleted in horses under stress are included to support stress recovery in the horse.

• Vitamin C & Vitamin K are both implemented in the wound healing processes, and therefore supports horses suffering from respiratory stress

• The unique combination of ingredients in Excel ResPRO, offers powerful support to the respiratory system, allowing horses prone to respiratory stress to perform at optimum levels.

• Ideal for horses prone to allergies, & those with long term respiratory problems

SPECIES: equine


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