“Based on a proven balance of vitamins and Bioplex minerals, Excel jump-off is fortified with Ration Plus and Vitamin B12. These elements in particular ensure optimum horse health and performance as well as that much needed boost at the right time.

Excel Jump-Off also contains natural Omega- 3 Oil, a polyunsaturated fatty acid,which has proved to be beneficial to performance requiring long periods of concentration and stamina, (mental and physical). Ideally suited to the demands of showjumping.

We believe you can achieve consistency of performance by providing specific nutrients,which enhance your horse’s response to the moments of peak effort.

Equiform recommends the daily use of electrolytes during work to ensue replacement of vital salts.

• Maintains immune response.
• Maximises formation and utilisation of hemoglobin.
• Supports muscle function.
• Combats the effect of stress.
• Excellent for veterans.

SPECIES: equine


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