“Equicell is a nutritional supplement containing high levels of Nucleotides, which helps support the immune system and other vital organs. Nucleotides are particularly useful for helping the body fight bacterial and viral infections.


• Extra long-term endurance in training and competition

• Supports oxygen carrying and uptake capability due to faster red blood cell development and facilitation, Nucleotides being co-factors for the resorption of iron from the gut. As a consequence of higher oxygen uptake, less lactate is produced, allowing horses to perform longer at these high levels. Blood, of course, performs a remarkable number of functions, including maintenance of extracellular pH and electrolyte balance, delivery of fatty acids and other nutrients to the tissues, delivery of toxic compounds and waste products to the liver and kidneys, and serving as the primary vehicle for hormone delivery and immune responses. The primary, immediate, moment to moment function of blood is to deliver oxygen to the tissues. Therefore, aside from platelets, the red blood cell is the most abundant of the formed elements.

• Reduction in length of recovery period – reduced ‘waiting period’

• Supports muscle function by reduced cell destruction caused by stress factors due to lower content of stress enzymes in the muscle, and more efficient muscle formation by provision of RNA for the synthesis.

• Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) is one of the indicator substances for increased stress. The highest LDH activity is found in muscle (e.g. heart) and liver cells. Higher concentration of LDH in the serum is an indication for muscle or liver cell damage.
• Extra ability to cope with hard training schedules

• Extra energy available by reducing the number of certain biochemical steps due to preformed nucleotides being available for DNA and RNA building, and chemical energy (ATP).
• Supports immune resistance to stable viruses and infections

• Supports immune response at times of challenge by facilitating immune cells due to nucleotides supporting rapid proliferation of intestinal cells, namely microflora and villi (1st Defence) and white blood cells (Active Immunity).

SPECIES: equine


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