Effipro® Spot-on for Cats

Developed with pet owners in mind, the award-winning innovative Effipro® pipette with its unique Drop-Lock technology puts you in complete control. The new Effipro pipette is:

Easy to open – simply snap the top of the pipette
Easy to apply – gentle pressure will release the product when you and your pet are ready
Easy to control – innovative Drop-Lock technology ensures that the product goes on your pet and not on you
Easy to see – clear chamber allows you to see when you have applied all the product

Effipro stays locked away until a little gentle pressure is applied so no matter how many times you have to put it down to get a better hold of your pet, the product stays in the pipette until you and your pet are ready.

Effipro Cat was awarded the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) – Easy to give’ award for it’s innovative pipette and as commented on by Claire Bessant, Chief Executive of FAB “… the simple addition of the image of a cat or dog on each pipette ensure that, if separated from its packaging, it’s clear for which animal the product is intended.”

Effipro is available for cats and dogs of all sizes.

Please contact your local Territory Manager to discuss how Effipro can be used in your Pet Health Plans.



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